Danced to popular, contemporary music our fast paced, energetic jazz classes focus on strong jazz technique including jumps and turns, proper posture and engaging combinations. Classes are based on the strong technique of the ADAPT syllabus and ADAPT jazz exams are offered.


Tap your feet to the beat and learn cool rhythms to all different genres of music. Based on CDTA tap technique and current rhythm tap trends this is a fast paced class that is lots of fun. CDTA Tap exams are offered.


We base our classes on the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus to build strong technique, grace, poise, proper dance posture, and a strong basis for all dance forms. The music is mainly classical, and Royal Academy of Dance exams are available for students.

Modern / Contemporary

Modern is ballet based, but will have moments of contracted spinal positions, and sometimes flexed feet. Modern classes are non competitive, and will be a great addition to either a competitive dancer’s repertoire, or perfect as a single class for a recreational dancer. Music will be anything from popular music, to drums.

Hip Hop

This dance form was established on the streets and is an excellent class for new dancers or dancers that are highly trained. This class is different than all the other classes as every dancer does the moves in their own unique way and style! Student’s center of gravity is low to the ground and they dance to age appropriate hip-hop music.


Technique is a jazz class free of choreography to work on basic skills. Students will be pushed further into strength and stretch exercises than they would be in a regular jazz class. Many ‘across the floor’ exercises will be performed, as well as leaps and turns. We recommend all competitive students take technique class, and students who are considering competition in the future are also recommended to take this class.


A combination of ballet and jazz technique, this form of dance is highly expressive and is based on interpreting and feeling the music. Students must be enrolled in ballet to take a Lyrical class.


This class is gymnastics for Dancers! A strong focus on core strength and flexibility is the base of this class. Students work individually and with partners creating some very aesthetically pleasing poses and tricks.  Acrobatic Arts Dance Exams are offered.

Musical Theatre

This class will provide experiences that will foster the development of self-expression, creativity, communication and performance through singing, dancing and acting; explore a variety of musical and theatrical performances through improvisation, song, dance, script work and role playing. Promotes self confidence and develops skills as a soloist, partner and group performer.